We are your specialists for land freight, air freight and sea freight in Ratingen

With offices in Rotterdam, Venlo, Istanbul, Izmir, Chittagong, Dubai, and London, we are your logistics specialists. Our team works hand in hand with you, the networks of airlines and shipping companies, and with customs and other authorities.

Making land transportation and logistics fit for the future

Mission Freight Germany GmbH is a medium-sized, owner-operated freight forwarding company with its headquarters in Ratingen, Germany. Since the foundation of our company in 2008, our motivated and dedicated employees have specialised in bespoke solutions in logistics, which are flexibly tailored to the needs of our customers and their products.

Beginning in 1996, our managing director developed customer-orientated and flexible transport solutions for national and international customers under the name Mission Freight. Rotterdam was the first location, forming the foundation for a globalised company, and many other locations followed. Today, we have a worldwide presence and offer customised freight transport from Dubai to London, from Istanbul to Venlo, and to anywhere in the world. Fast, safe, and cost-effective.

We love our dynamic growth field. For example, the CoVid19 pandemic has led to strong growth in parcel shipping volumes and rising sea freight volumes. Pressure on margins, sometimes non-existent capacity and digitalisation calls for sustainable transport and warehousing solutions.

Our experts support you in actively managing changes in the freight and logistics market. In this way, you can create efficient logistics processes and competitive cost structures.

Why you should choose us for land freight and logistics

Always available 24/7

Our experts work for you around the clock, even on weekends. We are always happy to receive your call or e-mail!

Fast and flexible

“Can’t be done” doesn’t exist with us. Benefit from our speed and flexibility as a medium-sized company.


Our logistics and transport services ensure that the products reach you at the time you need them. This reduces inventory and costs.

Picture gallery about our transports

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