Reliable sea freight and other services from Ratingen

Mission Freight Germany GmbH is a fast-growing international transport and logistics company.
Since 2008, we have been providing high-quality services, all tailored to your requirements.

Our logistics services at a glance

In logistics, speed, on-time delivery, and competitive prices are essential. To ensure that goods arrive quickly and safely at their destination, we offer a wide range of services covering air freight, sea freight and land freight. In our own customs warehouse, we can store your goods for shorter or longer periods. We are happy to assist you with import, export, and customs clearance by preparing the necessary documentation and taking care of official procedures.

Air freight

If you want to ship goods urgently, such as medical equipment worldwide, air freight is the best option. Due to our excellent contacts with the airlines, we can arrange freight space in standard passenger planes, as well as capacity in cargo planes.

Of course, we also take care of the customs clearance of your goods.

Sea freight

Sea freight mainly involves transporting containers from the sender to the recipient. If they are fully loaded, the term FCL (Full Container Load) is used; otherwise, LCL is used (Less Container Load).

In order to save costs, we offer sea freight in consolidated containers, which consolidate shipments of multiple customers.

Land freight

With our partner companies and locations in the Netherlands, Turkey, and other countries, we have a large land transportation network for full loads, part loads and general cargo. The timed schedules of our trucks between the most important economic centres enable fast and precise planning.

Customs clearance

We take care of customs clearance for air and sea freight. We have excellent contacts with the authorities and thus ensure the correct documentation and customs clearance. In this way, we avoid delays and associated costs.

Electronic warehouse management

We provide our customers with a well-equipped warehouse for all sizes of shipments. With our integrated inventory management system, we provide ways to control movements and redistribute freight.

Our on-hold service allows you to temporarily store goods with us before they are delivered to your customers on demand.

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